XtGetClassExtension - locate a class extension record


       #include <X11/Intrinsic.h>

       XtPointer XtGetClassExtension(WidgetClass object_class, Cardinal
              byte_offset, XrmQuark type, long version, Cardinal record_size);


                 Specifies the widget class containing the extension list to
                 be searched.

                 Specifies the offset in bytes form the base of the widget
                 class of the extension field to be searched.

       type      Specifies the name of the class extension to be located.

       version   Specifies the minimum acceptable version of the class exten-
                 sion required for a match.

                 Specifies the minimum acceptable length of the class exten-
                 sion record required for match, or 0.


       The list of extension records at the specified offset in the specified
       widget_class will be searched for a match on the specified type, a ver-
       sion greater than or equal to the specified version, and a record size
       greater than or equal the specified record_size if it is nonzero.
       XtGetClassExtension returns a pointer to a matching extension record or
       NULL if no match is found.  The returned extension record is owned by
       the widget class and must not be modified or freed by the caller,
       except possibly to be modified by the widget class owner.


       X Toolkit Intrinsics – C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                     libXt          XtGetClassExtension(3)