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Tin is a full-screen easy to use Netnews reader. It can read news locally (i.e., /usr/spool/news) or remotely (rtin or tin -r option) via a NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) server. It will automatically utilize nov (news overview) style index files if available locally or via the nntp xover command.

This is a successor to Iain Lea's version. The build-scripts auto-configure tin to a wide variety of UNIX and Posix platforms. Numerous enhancements have been made.


I contributed some portability and bug-fixes to the original (Iain Lea's version) tin. Shortly before he went offline, I was preparing a patch for auto-configuration. Managing the numerous configurations for which tin can be built is one of the two most interesting problems, from my point of view. The other (converting from the low-level screen I/O to a curses-based implementation) is something that everyone wishes someone else would do.

I completed the auto-configuration implementation for what was (in 1995) tin-unoff, a project which is run by Urs Janßsen. Later, I converted the program from K&R C to ANSI C, and finally implemented a curses driver which may be used in place of the older termcap driver.

To build tin, you require an ANSI C compiler. ncurses is helpful but not essential.


An example showing tin's color scheme. No, it does not look like dselect:

Sample screenshot for Tin newsreader


The latest official release and beta releases are available at: