dict - dictionary interface in vile


In .vilerc

    perl use dict;

In [x]vile



This is a dictionary and thesaurus extension for [x]vile written written using the vile-perl-api. It uses the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) described in RFC 2229.

On invocation, it prompts the user for the word or phrase for which to search the meaning. By default it provides the choice of the "punctuated-word" and the "whole-word" under the cursor. The user can cycle through the default options by hitting the TAB key.

The response from the DICT server is presented in a different buffer. The responses from all the dictionary database supported by the DICT server are presented.

If no responses are received from the DICT server, then the server is queried for closely matching words based on various matching algorithms and the user is prompted to choose from the list of closely matching words. This functionality allows the user to approximate the spelling of the word (or even truncate it) when the exact spelling or the word is not known.


This extension utilizes the Net::Dict perl package. If it is not available on your system, it can be downloaded from CPAN or and installed in $HOME/.vile/perl for Unix users.


Vile, Perl and Vile's Perl interface.


Kuntal Daftary (, 2001