Help - section-level help-commands for Vile


   :perl "use Help"

   :help-<section heading>


The Help package parses the Vile help file (normally displayed within Vile using :help or similar commands) and generates a whole cornucopia of Vile commands that jump to specific sections of the help file. For instance, the command :help-color-basics opens the Vile help buffer and jumps to the "Color basics" section.


[Note: may already be installed for you as part of your Vile installation.]

Install somewhere in perl's @INC path. Depending on your Vile installation, /usr/local/share/vile/perl might be a good place.

Add perl "use Help" to your .vilerc file.

As a bonus, if you do not like Vile's default behavior of splitting the current window when displaying the help file, you can set the variable %help-fullscreen before you load the Help package. For example:

   setv %help-fullscreen true
   perl "use Help"

If %help-fullscreen is set, then all the new section-related help commands, and the original :h and :help commands, display help text in a full-sized window. The default :list-help, :show-help, and help-related key bindings retain their original behavior.



Display the Vile help buffer, at either the beginning or the last-view point in the help text. This is the default behavior for these commands. The h and help commands are affected by the %help-fullscreen variable. The list-help and show-help commands are not affected in any way by the Help package.

help-<section heading>

Display the Vile help buffer, with the specific section heading positioned at the top of the window. [Note: This does not provide a new help buffer, but rather a view into the default help buffer. I.e. you can still scroll to view other help sections.]

Section headings are determined dynamically when the Help package is loaded, using arbitrary criteria defined by the author based on a common-sense appraisal of the current formatting convention used in the Vile help text. Due to technical considerations, section-heading text may be modified somewhat to allow for its use as a Vile command name. For example, the help section "Sample .vilerc" translates into the Vile command help-sample-vilerc. (Note the use of lower-case letters only and the removal of the '.'.)

Naturally, remembering every possible section heading would be a sad waste of neuron-firing patterns, but you get to use auto-completion on the help-... commands, which is really the whole point. For example:


effectively displays a complete "table of contents" for the Vile help text (notwithstanding the state of the popup-choices mode, of course).


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