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mawk – pattern scanning and text processing language


mawk is an interpreter for the AWK Programming Language.


Mawk was written by Mike Brennan. There was no maintainer for some time. I adopted it in 2009, starting with fixes from the Debian package, and resolving issues which its ostensible package maintainer did not respond to (initially Debian #496980, but upon review there were other reports not dealt with).

See the changelog for details:

Here is a summary of the amount of changes made since the original mawk 1.3.3 (plus Debian patches).
I have excluded the generated configure script as well as the utilities config.guess and config.sub



Besides the gamut of *nix systems (including the Cygwin layer in Windows), I have built this with Visual Studio also. Here are binaries:

Like most of my projects, the source archives for mawk use RCS. For people interested in reading the development history of mawk, I have made exports from RCS to git here:

There was an issue-tracking system at, which is currently on github:


As noted, mawk has been neglected by some packagers (see for example this). For that reason, the list is presented in two parts.
There are, by the way, various rpm and dpkg packages in my ftp area which you may find useful.




You can report bugs to me via email, or via the bug-tracking page.